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  • Every deal is pre-scanned and only prime deals are submitted for underwriting.
  • All contracts are packaged to ensure all legal documents are included. The information and lien holder on each contract is verified for accuracy.
  • All stipulations (borrowers, insurance, income, etc.) are verified before contracts are submitted for funding.
  • No marketing or sales is required on your part.
  • You do not need to compete with other credit unions for business. We will accomplish your goal for you.
  • We work with all Franchise Auto Dealers.
CUDL Program

  • Every deal is sent to you for underwriting, wasting your time and not guaranteeing you will get the deal.
  • Contracts come straight from the lender, therefore you have to verify everything.
  • You compete with over 100 credit unions for every deal.
  • Most dealerships do not do business with CUDL because they do not want to pay for their system.
  • Most highline dealerships (Lexus, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, etc.) do not do any business with CUDL.

*We provide service to increase your volume without having to hire more staff or creating extra work for our lenders.