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About Us

CUAG's inception was spurred by the inspiration to help credit unions achieve great success in consumer lending by using its extensive experience working with both auto dealerships and financial institutions.

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  • Who is your competition?
  • Where is your marketplace?
  • What are the competitive rates? Can you compete?
  • Tolerance level for delinquency?
  • Deal only with Franchise? Include Independents?
  • What is your goal for ROA?
  • How do you establish dealer connections?

The thirst to increase market share
cannot be quenched by sacrificing


Our Advantages

Automatic Decisioning

By automating, you reduce redundant loan decisions, which frees up personnel to review applications that require focused underwriting for higher yield opportunities. We don't require the substantial capital expense of purchasing, integrating and maintaining premise-based technology.

Relationship Management

The human element of dealer relationship management should never be understated. Any financial institution that has enjoyed success with Indirect Lending will attribute a large part of that success to the relationships built within their Indirect Lending Program’s dealer relationship.

POS Convenience

Seven out of ten loans are financed at the dealership. Having boots on the ground with our dealer reps and providing our dealerships easy access to our Indirect Lending Program creates ease and Point of Sale financing for members and potential members.

New Member Channel

Extending auto financing options to potential members each month bodes the opportunity onboarding members to your credit union. Our credit unions have created strategic ways of cultivating relationships with new members.